"There are dreamers and there are planners; the planners make their dreams come true."

-Edwin Louis Cole
Why Should You Use A Travel Agent? 

Save time

We do all of the research and all of the booking for you. Save time and stress!

Insight, Expertise & Product Knowledge

We are always up to date on destinations, brands & more

Support Small Business

Did you know that you always pay a commission, even when you book online? When you use a TA, that commission goes to s small business instead of a large corporation! We thank you for your support!

Save Money

Travel Agents have access to the best available deals & options, including upgrades, bonuses, special promotions/gifts & more!

Personal Service

When you book with us, you book with a real, live person, not a faceless, online travel search engine or call center. We're here for you!

No Hidden Fees

Online travel sites often do not include taxes & fees until checkout. We provide  upfront, transparent price quotes on service fees & full travel costs before a final payment is made

Peace of Mind

We work directly with airlines, cruise lines, hotels, etc. and have a personal point of contact should the need arise.

We've Been There

And if we haven't, we have access to thousands of fellow travel professionals who have!

24 Hour Price Lock

Prices can fluctuate by the minute, and might even change before you reach checkout if booking online. In many cases. we are able to put on a 24 hr hold to guarantee your price

~Americans visit 140 travel websites before booking a vacation*

~In the US alone, travelers spent 8.7 billion minutes on travel sites*

~Americans spend 22.95 hours on travel websites 6 weeks prior to booking a vacation**

~According to a 2016 ASTA study, Travel Agents save their client an average of $452 cash savings per trip***

Let us do the work and save you time and money!

Did you know? 

*Expedia's 2017  "The American Traveler's Path To Purchase"
**Bureau of Labor Statistics and *
***Travel Market Report