Here's What to Expect:


1) Fill out our Travel Questionnaire. This will help us determine exactly what you are looking for, and also determine if our services are a good match for what you would like.

2) We'll send you a link to pay our planning fees and sign our service agreement (this does not commit you to booking a trip)

3) We'll get to work researching and planning your trip!

4) We'll send you sample trip proposals and itineraries. Please note that custom-built trips will take a bit longer for us to plan, based on your needs/requests (for example, heritage travel, themed trips, etc.). 

Planning Travels

5) We'll work on any itinerary or proposal modifications (within reason, per our service agreement), based on your feedback (if needed) -OR-you see exactly what you are looking for and agree to book the trip! There may also be a "hold" available during this process, based on the trip type, where we can hold a vacation, airfare, etc. for you for a set time frame before a deposit needs to be put to down, allowing you a bit more flexibility before making a final decision. We will advise you of this at the time we send over any trip itineraries or proposals.


6) You will provide us with any other necessary passenger information that we need and pay your deposit.


7) You will provide us with a credit card for making future payments (unless paying in full when you pay your deposit). This only applies to bookings that allow a payment plan option.

8) We will set up a payment schedule to charge your card on file until the trip is paid in full. This only applies to bookings that allow a payment plan option.

9) Once your trip is paid in full, you are all set! All that's left is to pack your personal items, travel documents and enjoy your vacation!